StuffPlug est un ensemble de plug-in pour MSN Messenger (WLM / Windows Live Messenger) permettant notamment d'apporter de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Le plugin StuffPlug sera idéal pour optimiser et ajouter de nouvelles fontionnalités sur votre MSM Messsenger. Il sera nécessaire de posséder. Télécharger StuffPlug NG StuffPlug est un plugiciel pour Messenger Plus! qui améliore les fonctionnalités offertes pour ce Catégorie: Plugins.

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Alors bon Découvrez tous les codes promo Fnac. Tweets by 01net. Another update It took me a while, but I feel i've done more in two days than I could ever have imagined. Today, however, a somewhat more reliable site namely this site 'leaks' another beta. Google Print arrive en France Google Talk:

Mess-Patch MSN-Polygamie StuffPlug Messenger-Plus Plugin-MSN - MSN messenger est sorti il y a [1] Voir l'article Télécharger MSN Messenger 12 janv. Le plugin à télécharger ici et le patch français par ici PS: StuffPlug est un plug- in à ajouter à l'add-on Messenger plus! Live. Il ne fonctionnera. 21 juil. hello: à tous. Je viens d'installer le plugin StuffPlug-NG pour MSN. Il est très bon.. . seulement, je ne vois pas du tout comment ouvrir 2 [ ].

FriendlyName Editor you can now enable and disable without restarting Non-finished features are now in a user-accessible "Experimental" menu.

StuffPlug : ajouter de nouvelles fonctionnalités à Windows Live Messenger

This isn't quite the long list you've probably expected for such a major release, but that's because most of the changes are actually internal or related to new features that are still far from finished.

Also, please note that this version is not compatible with Windows Live Messenger 9 beta for now. We will release a seperate, new, version for that later. Anyway, download here Have fun, TB.

Où télecharger StuffPlug-NG (pour msn)?

Hi all, Windows Live Messenger 8. I currently can't be bothered to write a proper report on how things are going, so here's a quick list of things that still need mentioning The current beta of StuffPlug 3 can be installed using this trick. StuffPlug 4. WLM 9. As I'm currently in a rather nasty personal situation, none of the above mentioned release dates or spans are definitive.

It all depends on how soon I get my ability to concentrate on this stuff back. First addition about the UI. Today I've opened a new section in the forum to keep everyone informed of the progress of stuffplug 3 development. If you're interested in upcoming features, technical information about the inner working of SP, or just have no idea what else to read, go check it out You can find the development blog here.

Introduction Yesterday a rather notorious messenger site thought they had something exclusive and special when one of the translaters decided to leak the internal beta 3. However, we caught it quite quickly, the person responsible has been removed from the translators list and permanently banned. Today, however, a somewhat more reliable site namely this site 'leaks' another beta.

Où télecharger StuffPlug-NG (pour msn)? | Tom's Guide

Or should we just call it a release? Whatever you want to call it, build 3. Changes Changes from version 3. Can be loaded on WLM 8. AdHider has been removed see further down New feature: Ability to turn SP convo button on or off New feature: Ability to turn SP contactlist button on or off New feature: More than 5 custom emoticons per message New feature: Timezone adjustable clock per contact New feature: WordwheelAdd, type the email address of someone not yet in your contact list in the word wheel, and you can add em New feature: Fixed feature for WLM 8.


KeyboardLED Fixed feature: Fixed feature: StatusIcons now also changes icon in window itself New loader Should fix Vista x64 problems Loads of bug fixes Loads of UI updates New silly alpha animation on drop down options like chatname, timestamps, flashled Windows of the same type now only open once.

Fixed several memory leaks. Made installation directory choosable Removed button from login window AdHider Removed Although I had done my best to provide an Ad-hiding method that would be less severe to MS than completely removing it whilst still useful for the user. However they feel that anything that tampers with the advertising, be it just hiding or completely removing, would damage their advertising income, and as such the feature would have to be removed. As the Windows Live network relies solely on advertising, I feel that they are certainly in a position to state this, which is why I have chosen to honour their request.

I can understand those ads can be nuisance, but it's a lot better than having to pay for messenger, so you'll just have to live with it.

New features Although most of the new features are self-explanatory, some of them are quite confusing, so here's a little introduction to some of them. Timezone adjustable clock I, and many others, use WLM to talk to a lot of international contacts.


Most of these contacts also live in a different timezone, and it's really hard to keep track of which timezone everyone is in, and what time it would be in that timezone.

That is why I introduced timezone adjustable clocks to StuffPlug 3. Basically it adds a little clock in the conversation window, below the display picture, that reflects the time in the timezone you have set for that person. If you click the little arrow beside it, you can choose from a list of timezones, or have StuffPlug 3 request the timezone for the user.

The clock itself can just be enabled even if the other user does not have stuffplug, but the requesting of the other timezone requires the other user to have StuffPlug 3 installed, and the special feature enabled.

Wordwheel Add The search bar wordwheel at the top of the contact list is very useful, but I and some others on the forum felt that it lacked one big thing.

If you'd be searching for someone and he wouldn't be found on your contactlist, you'd naturally want to add him. However, this requires you to open up a new menu, and re-typing the e-mail address.

No more with this new feature, if no contacts can be found matching your search string, you are offered to add this person as a new contact with one click of your mouse Languages included Because this version was released slightly a lot before the planned date, not all translators have had time to properly translate.

Dans la nouvelle fenêtre, choisissez Français french , puis cliquez sur OK pour valider. Cliquez ensuite sur Liste de contacts puis cochez l'option Activer le gestionnaire d'onglets.

Le bouton Gérer mes onglets apparaît. Cliquez dessus pour faire apparaître la fenêtre Gestionnaire d'onglets.


Là, cliquez sur Nouveau , puis sur Créer un nouvel onglet et sur Suivant. Tapez alors les informations demandées. Cliquez enfin sur Suivant , puis sur OK. Fermez également la fenêtre Préférences de Messenger Plus! Désormais, dans la fenêtre principale de MSN Messenger, vous constaterez que tous les onglets par défaut ont laissé la place à celui que vous venez de créer.

Fabrice Auclert et Emmanuel Genty.

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