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The danish author, Bente Hansen, MA in history of literature, was born in 1940. She spent her childhood in western Denmark, and has been living in Copenhagen since 1958.

BH. has published poetry and a range of books of politics, womens´ issues, general cultural issues, debate theatre, and one book for children. She was actively involved in many of the progressive movements, anti-war, socialist and feminist movements since 1960.

She has contributed, for a number of years, to daily newspapers and periodicals as well as to radio and television. She is a lecturer and was the first woman in Denmark to be appointed consultant to the film industry, chief editor of a major newspaper and, in her youth, first woman president of her schools student council.

BH has for 12 years been a member of the parish council of Our Ladies Church, the Cathedral of Copenhagen. In 2005 she was awarded a life grant by the Danish Arts Foundation in recognition of her contribution to the general culture in Denmark.

Mythological and legendary the "lady dragon" is the Grand-dame of the 12 Chinese signs: emancipated and a firm believer of equal rights, strong-willed, self-esteem, vital, proud, majestic and grandiose,

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…mighty, ruling, honest, positive, open, direct with negative tendencies of fanatical convictions and overestimation of her own importance. Natural born leaders, dragons are either feared or loved. Heaven’s element and sign of the creator.